So, on Sunday I took possession of a 1993 Infiniti j30t which has been bouncing around my family for 13 years. There is a long story of why my grandmother (who owns something silly like five cars) refuses to allow this car to be sold outside of the family, but it is not particularly important for this story. This car has a long history, sufficient to basically negate any blue book value it would otherwise have anyway. To sum up:
  • It's been stolen three times
  • It's on its second engine
  • The radio hasn't worked in five years or more
  • The rear bumper looks like someone used it as a pell
  • The front passenger door window was replaced after a smash and grab (bits of glass remain in the door)
  • The rear driver's side window motor is burned out
  • The keyless entry remote has all the markings worn off: just memorize which button is which
  • There are various plastic interior bits that are cracked or broken, and some pieces on the floor that don't seem to match any missing bits
However, it is important to note that if you are into Infiniti j30's, it gets a good vote from them. The typical nightmare components for j30 ownership are all still working (i.e. the sun roof and the power steering).

Among the facts that came out in the history lesson from my uncle is that it probably has the original wiper blades on it. A brief test of the wipers does nothing to disprove this theory. Here is where today's story really begins...

I went up to Auto Zone, and grabbed the blade off on my way in. The arm is screwed down, and I don't see any clips, so I am immediately concerned. However, I run in and look it up in the book. The RainX lookup says that both blades are 20", so I buy 2 20" RainX blade arms (Auto Zone does not sell bare blades). I wander out into the parking lot and fuss with it for about ten minutes before I decide that this project calls for tools and head home.

I take everything off outside, and bring it in. I strip the other blade off and clean the arms (I think there was dirt from 3+ states in there). Then I sit down with everything, only to discover that the blade was about 1 inch too short to go in the Infiniti arm. Also, there is no way with the included bits to attach the RainX arm to the car. So, I pack it all up and head back to Auto Zone.

I spent about 15 minutes in Auto Zone, this time, closely comparing my Infiniti arm with the various ones there. I double-checked the lookup-book, and the clerk got the same answer (surprise) from the computer. Comparing the actual length matched the driver's side blade with the RainX 22" blade-arm assembly. So, I bought too. The clerk also found a separately sold RainX adapter which she thought might allow me to use the RainX arms on my car. She tossed that in for free, because she was sympathetic with my level of hassle.

So, I put the RainX blade into my Infiniti arm there on the counter in the Auto Zone. I was vindicted, so I went home to do the passenger side arm, which I had left on the table. So I sit down, and it becomes immediately apparent that the 22" blade is far too long for the passenger side arm. And, the 20" blade was too short for that one, as well. Okay, so now we know: the passenger side Infiniti wiper arm on my j30 calls for a 21" blade. I'm not going back up to Auto Zone for a 3rd time today, so let's try the adapter.

With the adapter, the RainX 20" wiper arm is just right for the passenger side. It only took 10 minutes of futzing to get the arm, the adapter, and the car hooked together, and now it is only secured with one screw instead of two. Also, now my wiper arms don't match, but it does clean the windshield pretty well. Maybe I will try a 21" blade in my Infiniti passenger side wiper arm sometime, so that I can have them match again.

So, yesterday was the only slightly less involved project to replace the burned out tail-light bulb. I hate to think about what it will take to get the radio working again.



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