Fake grenade found at Bradley

Clearly, it wasn't in his carry-on luggage, or it wouldn't have been curbside, and he's probably already be in jail. So, he was arrested for breach of peace for possession of a fake grenade (in his checked luggage?) on public property? Did he threaten someone with it? If so, why isn't he charged with Threatening instead (a more serious crime)?

My gut feeling is that the cops are prosecuting this guy for being stupid and wasting people's time. Is it a good idea to pack a fake explosive device in your luggage? No. Is it a crime? Apparently. Should it be? You can pack firearms, knives, ammunition, etc. in your checked luggage.

This is just madness.

I seriously think that we should take "Breach of Peace" off the books in Connecticut. Something like every third arrest in West Haven is for "Breach of Peace", and if you look at the definition, it's basically anything that made anybody uncomfortable. How long will it be before being a Conservative is a "Breach of Peace"? Dressing funny (i.e. SCA)? Being black (arguably already a "Breach of Peace" in some communities)?

Let the cops find a real charge that means something (i.e. assault, threatening, criminal possession) or let people go. I'm tired of seeing people prosecuted for bullshit stuff at the police department's discretion.
Apparently there's a serial rapist in New Haven: http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp?S=6019609

Frankly, considering the amount of training necessary to be effective against a much larger attacker, I would recommend a shotgun instead. Remember, the waiting period for a shotgun is only ten days here in CT. That's significantly better than the 4 month+ waiting period for handguns.
Some wacko has been killing prostitutes in Britain

You can kill people without guns or knives? Britain will be banning hands next. As you can see, citizens are already calling for "responsible prostitution laws." These are the people that are so busy telling the rest of the world how much more civilized they are.

I don't want to minimize the lives of these five women. I think attractive young women are a terrible thing to waste. However, I get so tired of listening to Europeans jabber on and on about our drug problems, our gun problems, our violent crime problems, and our prostitution problems, but here is a least one counterexample.

To inject a bit of levity, particularly in view of our recent E-coli outbreaks, I will leave you with this: "Guns don't kill people, green-grocer's do."



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