Just got back from fighter practice. I fixed my gauntlets (at least for now) on Tuesday, so I fought polearm the entire time. Like you would expect, I sucked. I fought it once or twice before, but it's been a year since then.

My targeting with sword and shield, but my targeting with glaive is hopeless. I've been meaning to put a pell in the back with such other accoutrements as are necessary for training (i.e. the hovering tennis ball game), but clearly that's going to have to happen.

On the high side, I killed a newbie with it. Nice kid, shows real promise, if only because she loves it. It's nice to see that kind of energy again. Worked a bit on blocks (thanks Ivar) and some on thrusts (thanks Torin and Balfar), but just generally tried to remember how stuff works.

I'm tired in all sorts of new places. I need to fix my shoulder armor: it's not really in the right place anymore (I think I've lost about 50 pounds since I made it), but more importantly, the para-cord that holds it to the body harness is just about kaput. If I'm going to have to re-thread the leather mounts with the para-cord, I should probably move the damn things to the right place too.

Soon enough, it starts to look like just building a new set is the right thing to do, but I'm just not ready to commit to that project yet. The body armor is too big, but almost completely sound. Some of the other stuff is really getting in the way of my game. I really need some sort of new forearm protection, and a pair of tough demi-gauntlets.

At least the gauntlets finally survived an entire practice.


Feb. 1st, 2008 10:39 am
Small turnout at practice last night, but at least I got lots of fighting in. I think I'm still suffering from some sort of cold, since I fought less than 45 minutes before I felt wrecked. It was like a complete 180 turnaround from my experience at Regionals two weeks before.

Today I hurt basically everywhere. I think it's ironic that I felt better after a whole day of fighting melees than a fairly short practice. My armor isn't helping: it just doesn't fit anymore. I'm going to have to rebuild it. Blech.
Made it up to regionals today. I think I got into the church almost an hour after the scheduled start time, but I was already in armor before the melee actually started. Things went fairly well, overall. Okay, they went fairly well considering I haven't been at a practice in a long time. There were some high points, killing Cedric and Collin in quick succession as one example, but also some low points (apparently I almost took Cedric's head off with a face thrust).

Still, there was an awful lot of running around, and I felt quicker on my feet. I think perhaps the DDR has made a difference. I'm still dreadfully out of shape though. I met some new folks I hadn't had the privilege to meet before, which was also nice.

I'm pretty sore, and definitely exhausted, so I'm going to turn in so that I can hopefully get my schoolwork done tomorrow (since I have it off).
Things to do:

Build a pell in the backyard.
Set up the fancy thrust practice system.
Be more careful.
Get in much better shape.
Fix/make new armor.
Troll soccer.

Sort of a mixed day, really. I sorta understand some of the blood feud stuff better now.
Friday, we went to this fabulous ME restaurant on Campbell Ave. The food was delicious, the service was good, and the rice pudding was among the best I've had in my life. Saturday was super-homework day: I wrote eight briefs, read ten pages of torts (mmm, delicious causation), then worked on my research assignment for legal studies. Sunday, I got up, worked on my outline some (i.e. started them), and worked a little on the research assignment. Then, about noon, we left for Old Saybrook, to the fighter practice at Karl's.

Practice was fun. I think there were five of us total: Karl, Feral, Stephen (LLywelyn? Feral's squire), Viktor (another of Feral's squires), and myself. Karl was sporting a fairly new gothic setup I hadn't see before. I did better than I would have expected, but then again, with that cast of characters, I did expect to get pretty beat up. I got some good advice from Karl and Feral, hopefully some of it will stick.

I probably have about 20% of the research assignment left, but I have lots of work on the outlines to do. Hopefully, now that they are started, I will quit avoiding them. It's a thought, anyway.
It was so nice to actually go to fighter practice last night. I got hit in the knee, and in the cup, and I hit myself in the shin (yay for new longer swords!). Still, none of them were particularly painful, so hurrah. It was painful to realize I hadn't worn my armor in so long that:
  1. It was completely dry
  2. I forgot what it felt like
  3. I noticed everything that needs fixing
It was fairly warm both inside and out, but relatively tolerable. I finally got around to renewing my authorization card (I've been doing this four years now, and I still suck, huh?), enjoying much mockage from the Gwen in the process ("Do you know any marshals?" "No, but maybe there are some in the parking lot."). This set off a trend and I think at least three sets of paperwork were done.

I thought I did fairly well, all things considered. It was very nice to see [livejournal.com profile] jeep_squire there, in particular. Forgot my belt, since it was packed with the day-trip stuff for BBM Investiture and I hadn't used it since. I had to remind [livejournal.com profile] alpha_duke to eat his dinner, he was busy gabbing and forgot it was on the seat in the truck getting cold.

After I was too tired to fight anymore, i.e. hitting myself in the shin, I chatted for a long while. The kindly [livejournal.com profile] alpha_duke showed me a secret way to the Merritt Parkway from our house, which is probably impractical for my use, but there all the same. When I got home I was starved for [livejournal.com profile] zohra time, and kept her up talking until nearly 1:00 AM.

I slept in until 7:00 AM (argh), and got lost in New Haven trying a new sneaky way to the train station, but still made my train.

I'm thinking I'm probably not going to go tomorrow. I really wanted too, but I've laid out a schedule for a 58.5 hour work week next week, and that's working around things like getting the family to the airport and fighter practice. Basically, I need to work all day Saturday or all day Sunday, and based on the gestalt of the situation, I think one of those two days should be spent in a puddle.

So, at fighter practice last night, Victor (no idea how he spells it) and I were the first ones in armor. He was fighting two-sword and we fought about five bouts before he crushed me in the front of the shin. That smarted a bit, I'll say.

I took a little break until I could tolerate the discomfort and then fought for a bit. I got in fights with Adrian, Victor, [livejournal.com profile] alpha_duke, and Ivar, I believe. Then we ended up taking a break long enough that the endorphins wore off. So, I took the armor off and waited for [livejournal.com profile] alpha_duke to be done.

I went home, showered, and iced it before I went to bed. This morning, I'm icing it some more, but it is a lot better (thank heavens).

It still looks like I have two knees, though.



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