The perfect toy for bulldogs, really. Might try and find one for Bran, though.

The unrest in Iran makes me proud to live in a country where corrupt politicians are smart enough to keep rigged elections close
This may very well be the best WTF ever:

At the very least, it's the best I've heard since the Caribou Migration outages.
I read XKCD all the time, but the last series has been quite amusing, and the ending is just perfect. Here is the first of five Firefly-themed strips:

And now... back to the Admiralty paper.


Dec. 30th, 2008 08:12 pm
"Extremism in the name of piety... IS NO VICE!"

--Autolycus, "A Tale of Two Muses," Xena Season 4
Really funny... Unfortunately, the embedding is disabled:

Thank you so much, [ profile] parsedgarnish.

Doctor Why?

Oct. 7th, 2008 10:14 am
For any Dr. Who fans:
TSA Gangstas, not entirely work safe:

Speed Camera Prank
Speed Camera Prank

I found this earlier, on the last 50 LJ images feed:

The Geek Hierarchy
The Geek Hierarchy
I think this is really funny.

Wow. I remember cursing at Mario when I was a kid, shouting things like "this is impossible!" This is proof positive that I just wasn't determined enough:

I love Google's sense of humor.
Swiped mercilessly from Bruce Schneier's Computer Security Blog/Newsletter:

This was part of his commentary on the recent Boston PD's false positives. Apparently, they have even blown up traffic counters placed by the City to measure traffic.


Mar. 13th, 2007 12:44 pm
Generate your own research papers on Computer Science, brought to you by the folks at MIT:

They submitted the output to a conference, and the paper was accepted. It was rejected later when someone else told the conference committee that it was a fake. Appearing, papers from this tool have been successfully submitted at least once.
Someone posted this to one of the law school communities (they found it on Craigslist), and it is funny enough to share:

So, seriously, if these guys committed a crime, it was littering. Unless there is some law in Massachusetts making a person responsible for the stupidity of others, or of public officials, arresting anyone for this is malicious prosecution. The public officials are repeatedly calling this a hoax, but it was just an advertising stunt for a TV show on Cartoon Network! Was it a good idea? Perhaps not, but flipping off every commuter in Boston seems like fun to me: it would be fun in any large city.

Note that these advertisements were placed in 10 major cities, and only Boston freaked out. You'd think that any city next to Cambridge "city of hacks" would be used to see weird things by now. I guess if it was 50 feet tall and on top of old dome everyone would have blown it off, but really, people.

I just can't believe they are arresting people for this. WTF!

The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics
The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics
Brand Camp, by Tom Fishburne

I though all of the artists would appreciate this one.
By number... is LEGO: LEGO, king of quality control.

Okay. Back to Torts.



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