The Ptrice of Freedom by Oleg Volk
The Ptrice of Freedom by Oleg Volk

Theory of DUH
Theory of DUH

One of the most popular gun forums out their, The High Road, is not embroiled in litigation ownership of the forum. Sounds nasty:

Oleg's Post
Here in Connecticut, SB-607 was introduced by the Judiciary Committee to copy the California "microstamping" mandate to firearms sold in Connecticut. Hopefully, it will die there. This technology offers many opportunities for abuse, and is currently available from a single vendor.
I found this in the course of my research for school. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Washington D.C. Murder Rate Relative to the Other 49 Largest Cities
Washington D.C. Murder Rate Relative to the Other 49 Largest Cities
Taken from District of Columbia vs. Heller, 07-290, Brief of Academics as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondent, page 9. The spike in 1987 is the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic.

The "arsenal" in Middletown? Some guy's gun collection:

A "woman" took 90 of his guns and turned them into the police. Stealing a firearm is a felony. Are the cops going to prosecute her for 90 felonies? Under the proposed 3 strikes law, stealing a firearm counts, and she could get life.

This guy has been arrested for possession of three assault weapons. Based on the proven inability of Connecticut police in identifying assault weapons under Connecticut law (read it sometime, if you want a headache) and their egregious inability to correctly identify licensed persons, I would not be surprised if this guy gets acquitted at trial, if the charges aren't dropped before.

After that, we can watch him fight it out with the Middletown cops over the value of his confiscated collection. My rough estimate of the value of his collection is around $300,000. It could be as little as $100,000, but it could be $1,000,000, too. Possession of bullet proof vests is not illegal, nor is possession of books (even those on explosives), ammunitions or more rifles than you can carry. If you shoot 500 rounds on a typical range trip (not unusual for an IDPA or IPSC shooter), you will use 18,000 rounds in less than six months. If you have one box of ammunition for each of your 375 firearms?

What right will you give up next? Speech? Due Process?

Someone had better come up with something else wrong with this guy, and soon. In the meantime, I believe that we are all just sitting around while the State persecutes this guy for exercising constitutionally protected rights. Did he threaten someone? Does he have a criminal or mental history that legally restricts his right to keep and bear arms? Did this woman get a protective order against him?

EDIT: Slightly more info from the notoriously anti-gun Hartford Courant:

EDIT2: And the Middletown Press:
Apparently, police claim they found an AK-47, a Tec 9, and an "M-16 with a shotgun". At least two of these are almost guaranteed to be factually incorrect. Both an AK-47 and an M-16 are fully-automatic select fire weapons worth over $15,000. It is more like that he had an AK-47S (semi-auto only) and an AR-15.

My guess is that the AK-47[sic], the Tec-9, and the M-16[sic] are the basis for the assault weapon charges. An AK-47 is a pretty easy way to get in trouble in Connecticut. With the AR-15 it depends a little more on the actual configuration. I'm not sure about the Tec-9.

Street sweeper shotguns are banned too.

Oh, can I come into your house, take your stuff, and give it to the police "for safekeeping"? Apparently. Do I need a legal right to be in your house, first? Definitely interesting stuff.
The Virginia Tech Investigation panel has submitted their report on the Cho mass-killing to the Governor of Virginia. The report is available (in obnoxious little pieces) at:

So, I haven't read the whole thing, but I have read about half. The good news is that people put some thought into what happened, made some conclusions and recommendations. The bad news, is that some of the conclusions and recommendations are terribly wrong.

Cho was barred under Federal law from buying firearms. However, Virginia had not reported his mental health problem to the Federal database used to check gun purchasers. This has been fixed now, but it's almost a guarantee that every other state is reporting less. There are rumors that Massachusetts doesn't even report it's felonies.

So, any conclusion that has to do with "gun show loopholes" or "registered dealers" or "waiting periods" is a load of shit. Garbage in -> garbage out. Cho passed two background checks. He committed two felonies by making false statements on 4473's. There are your nanny-state gun laws at work.

The panel also recommends that all guns be banned from college campuses. The only justification for this that I could find in their materials was the problem that alcohol plays (with cars and guns), and that the police said that they would have shot anyone they found with a gun. I believe that recognizing at least the faculty's right to bear arms could only help in this sort of situation. If the police are going to start shooting anyone with a gun in the US, that's going to end badly. There are 90 guns for every 100 Americans.

So, a mixed bag. Many things went well, and many things went badly. What do we get? More gun restrictions, upgraded "alert" systems, and otherwise business as usual.
A company is now selling backpacks with level 2 ballistic protection for kids: .

I'm of two minds about this. First, I think it's a great idea, in that it adds some level of protection in an environment which is basically out-of-control (i.e. schools, buses, etc). It's not ideal protection, but it's better than nothing.

On the other hand, it's really not that much safety. All sorts of assumptions are necessary to believe that this will be an effective defense. Level 2 protection is not going to stop a lot of rounds commonly available in the marketplace, and it's only going to help if the backpack is between the shooter and the victim.

Still, in any case, it's an interesting sign that the marketplace is reflecting the common perception that the schools aren't safe, and that children are likely victims. I don't think that this backpack is a good solution to the school violence problem, but it is a step that parents can legally take.

Amusingly, I thought about constructing a level 3 laptop bag for the same purpose, when I couldn't find a regular bag that was working for me. I figured if I was already custom-making a bag, it wouldn't be that much effort to toss in plates. In the end, I decided it wasn't worth it (to make my own bag).

Since it's illegal to purchase body armor in Connecticut on-line or through the mail (face-to-face only), can Connecticut residents legally purchase this backpack? How many have already committed a felony?
Custom LEGO-compatible weapons and figurines:

Interesting group of guys discuss Michigan's gun laws.

They also did an interview with the Derby Girls (how's that ankle doing [ profile] samigina?):

I wish I'd heard about this earlier. Probably a bit late to plan a trip to New Hampshire for next weekend. But shooting sub-guns for $25, mmm...
Illinois issues Firearm Owner ID to 10-month old:,dst-nws-d13.article

An interesting take on the psychology of gun-control:
Fairly interesting documentary in Japanese on silenced handguns and SBRs...

The clicking when firing .22LR suppressed or subsonic 9mm is pretty amazing.
Apparently there's a serial rapist in New Haven:

Frankly, considering the amount of training necessary to be effective against a much larger attacker, I would recommend a shotgun instead. Remember, the waiting period for a shotgun is only ten days here in CT. That's significantly better than the 4 month+ waiting period for handguns.
Video of the sound team recording the sounds for Call of Duty 3.

I've been listening to this podcast, and the guy seems okay. He's a machinist, computer consultant, and photographer. Oh, and he despises gun buybacks with a passion.

Through Google Translate: Origami Guns



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