Thursday, we bought a PS3, a couple of games, a blu-ray movie, and a boatload of cables. Just amazing. I'm totally impressed with it.

Friday, we had Anne and Carl over for dinner. It was delightful and much delicious wine was consumed. Many thanks to them both for the wine, and the fantastic company. I was quite amused that Lily was horrified that we had company, but was in their laps by the end of the night. Bebot for the win!

Saturday... I barely remember most of it. I blame 3D.Heroes. The fence is finished in the backyard, so that was totally awesome. [ profile] kuzu_no_ha went to an event with the DAR, and Lily and I watched Thomas until she fell asleep (about ten minutes), and then I watched Bones until she went to sleep.

I know that I got to see [ profile] oskgar's new (to him) vehicle. Frankly, I'm not sure I can imagine a more appropriate car for him, although I have to admit I approve of his completed and proposed enhancements, both for safety and entertainment reasons.

Today we picked up groceries at Sam's and mulch at Lowe's. We need over twice as much as I bought, but it's a good start considering that we've already needed it for a year. Zohra put most of that out while I was setting up my new antenna and radio.

It took me about a half hour or so to set up the antenna and get it tuned up for 10 meters. Unfortunately, due to the solar weather, 10m is like a dead zone. So, I tuned the radio down until I found some activity, which was on 20 meters. I reconfigured the antenna for 20m in about five minutes (nice), and picked up quite a bit of single-side-band (SSB) activity, but most of it was barely above the noise level.

I also found some code (CW) activity further down on 20m, but I wasn't able to copy much of it. I will have to work on that, because the radio that I have is really best for that (and digital modes, which is what I really bought it for). Five watts is just not that much for SSB. I did catch an interesting marine weather net out of Georgia, so I might read up a bit on that.

So, to sum up, no contacts, but I did get the antenna configured to work with the radio on two bands, although standing wave ratio (SWR) was pretty high on 20m. I managed to copy some traffic, so I think it's a great first day. I think it will work better if I can get it away from all of the noise sources that are here. [ profile] kuzu_no_ha and I are thinking of a trip to the beach, and at some point, I'd like to set up on Sleeping Giant to take advantage of the altitude.

I probably bored a lot of folks to death with the amateur radio bits, but it was a pretty exciting day for me.

I just looked at my calendar, and the second Mock Bar at the school is this coming weekend. That's a catastrophe, really, since I've only been to two Litvin sessions I think since the first Mock Bar, and we are supposed to be at the Daily Life Schola on Saturday.

I'm strongly considering blowing off the Mock Bar II. Maybe I'll be able to make it to Litvin this week, but if not, it's just a waste of time to do it over, I think. I think it would make more sense to start reading the BarBri outlines in preparation for that starting next week. It's going to be a long hard road to July 29th.



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