Jan. 18th, 2011 10:35 am
The kitchen project was officially kicked off a week ago today when Pete and I went off to IKEA to pick up the cabinets. I assembled cabinets on Wednesday and Thursday, and we cleared out the existing cabinets.

Pete and I started early Friday morning. We had completed the tear out by around lunchtime. We had the wall cabinets installed (for the third time) by the end of the day.

Saturday morning, we assembled and installed the base cabinets, which were too large to assemble in any other room and move in. Along the way, we did the electrical work for the garbage disposal. We also needed bolts for the disposal waste connection which were missing from the box. I spent 25 minutes on the phone with whirlpool trying to find out what their specification was, but we ended up having to figure out on our own. By the end of the day, the cabinets, countertop, sink, and disposal were installed and functioning.

Sunday, Pete and I installed the kick plate, cabinet doors, shelves, and drawers.

Monday (yesterday), I uninstalled the dishwasher, moved its enclosure two inches to the left, and reinstalled the dishwasher. I also installed a new electrical outlet over the dishwasher, so that there will be power for that counter top. However, I will have to redo the outlet box, since it won't stay in place properly.

I'm also still waiting on a number of cabinet doors from IKEA, and I need a drawer front as well. Still, the worst of it is done, and we have a working kitchen again.

Remaining tasks:

  • Secure electrical outlet
  • Caulk sink
  • Install floor tiles
  • Install cabinet doors
  • Install drawer front
  • Replace wall trim on floors
  • Install shelves about doorway and windows

Total trips to IKEA: ~7
Total trips to Lowes: 2
I replaced the LCD in Lily's iPhone, but now the display doesn't light up at all. I then tried installing the old (cracked) one. It doesn't work either. So, apparently I have somehow fried the video in her phone. Drat. I looked around a bit online, but to no avail. I checked the connector again, and again, and yet again. It just seems dead. My guess? static discharge. Phone still boots. I can't tell if the touchscreen works, can't tell enough of what I'm doing. Ah well.

A new iPod Touch is $229. An iPhone upgrade for [ profile] kuzu_no_ha is either $99 (3G-S) or $199 (4G). How screwed up is that? Ah well. Not really ready to spend either on a replacement for a two year old, but it was a lot easier to deal with when she had her "own" to play with.

I meant to post the other day about something that really pissed me off. Since I can't remember now what it was, I guess it's wasn't that important.

I'm following this Wikileaks thing. I'm not certain how I feel about releasing US SECRET documents, but I'm entirely convinced that it is unsafe to have a penis in Sweden. Does it make me a patriot if I'm okay with leaking Sweden's secret documents and DDOS attacks on their government offices, but not ours? I doubt it. Still, I don't approve the Assange's tactic of threatening to release the key for the backup file: that feels a bit more like informational terrorism. I thought Scott Adams summed up pretty well on his blog today.

Otherwise... still trying to get my solo firm off the ground while keeping my day job going. House continues to be an ongoing struggle. [ profile] jeep_squire and I put in new flooring upstairs, we have new bedroom furniture (courtesy of IKEA). Things look a lot better up there. I have a mountain of boxes to break down on the porch, and things like laundry and dishes seem to be losing battles.

I started my Christmas shopping. I have a fair bit left, but this is almost the earliest I've ever started. I'm hoping to get in the spirit pretty soon. I've been humming carols, but we don't have our tree yet or any decorations up. I feel like I can get caught up on stuff that won't wait, and it's keeping me from getting close to the stuff that I can put off.

Also, I've just been in a crummy mood much of the time. It's taken me forever to get over the cold I got when we came back from Disney. I think that, plus just the seasonal affective stuff is just keeping me grouchy. I'm feeling a little bit better today, but we got a lot done. For the most part, I just don't feel like doing anything. I think I'm a little creatively constipated: the way stuff at work is, I haven't made anything new for a while, and now I'm feeling trapped in a rut. I got out the iPhone/Cocoa programming books last night. I think that might have helped some.
I was able to cut and install the counter top, mount it, and complete the dishwasher installation today. More work that it sounds like, since I had to undo all of the plumbing to mount the counter top, and then reinstall.

But we are currently washing dishes now. YAY!

On to the trim and remaining cabinets.
Much progress today in the kitchen. I cleaned out the cabinet under the sink, cut the panels for both sides of the dishwasher, and read the instructions. I also gathered up the parts and bits for the torch, tried to generally clean up, and put together a plan (of sorts) for doing the plumbing. Then [ profile] jeep_squire and [ profile] evilnicola came over, Pete and I went to Lowe's for parts, and we got started. About five minutes later, I ran back up to Lowe's for other parts we needed, and Pete did 90% of the work. We finally got done about five o'clock, tested everything, and went out to dinner. The dishwasher has been successfully run one time already.

But, quite a bit is left to do, too:

  • Attach sides to back and floor.
  • Cut countertop.
  • Attach countertop to sides.
  • Install additional floor tiles.
  • Remove old liquor cabinet.
  • Install cabinet over sink.
  • Reinstall old liquor cabinet new to cabinet over sink.
  • Trim the lightswitch cover.
  • Install floor trim.
  • Then, Gildor to frame for it.

I'm swamped!


On 8/16, I finished attaching the sides to the back and the floor. That included some tricky stuff, since I did it without removing the dishwasher. At one point, I had a nail taped to the end of a broom handle. That trick actually worked the second time.

This morning I finished cutting the countertop, which actually got jammed in the guard on my table saw (oops). I cut about 3/8 from each side on the saw, and had to cut the middle by hand. It's sitting on top now, but I have to find some way to attach the top to the sides (ideally without removing the dishwasher). I'm trying to decide which is more work: drilling and putting in wooden pegs or removing the dishwasher. I might also just caulk the whole thing down and see what happens.

new floor

Jun. 14th, 2009 07:48 pm
So, I just got done installing the new SLATTEN flooring upstairs. Overall, it wasn't that bad. What made it suck really was the radiators, which made it quite tricky to get the slats up the 20 degrees necessary to get the tongue of the next board into the groove of the last. After a fair about of cursing, I figured out how to slide the board along, which got it done. I still have to trim the trim so that it fits (the new floor is slightly higher), and then install news thresholds.

With any luck, I will get a chance to do that tomorrow or Tuesday. But, at least now we don't have to put shoes on every time we have to go to the bathroom at night. Unfortunately, the trim took off some of the paint, so we will have to fix that up, too. Ah well. It's still a lot better than it was.

It seems like every project around here just creates a few more, but I guess every few time the house ends up looking a little better.

Old Microwave and Hood
Old Microwave and Hood
The microwave we've had for a long time, but at some point the LCD quit working. More importantly it was sucking up valuable counter space in a kitchen that doesn't have much. The hood was missing the grease filter, but more importantly, the fan didn't work. Ironically, it would have taken less than five minutes to fix the fan, but I never bothered taking it apart when it was up there: there was just a wire missing to the fan switch. Duh.
New Microwave/Convection Oven (over the range)
New Microwave/Convection Oven (over the range)
This was today's project. I'm not sure how long the manual said it should take, but it took me about 3.5 hours, I think. That includes the time to remove the old one and move the electrical, run to Lowe's for a single outlet box (out), then install the outlet. Zohra helped in the final installation: one-man installation would have been possible, but tricky.

Has anyone installed an over-the-range microwave oven before?

We are replacing the hood over our range with a combination microwave/convection oven to try and recover some counter space in our kitchen. A quick reading of the installation guide seemed straightforward, but then again, so did the installation guide for the tub/shower combo.

I'd welcome any tips or tricks. Before I start this project, I have to put together my new lawnmower and mow the lawn. Since it is now raining, that means I have a few days to sit back and think about it while I study.


Nov. 3rd, 2007 08:35 pm
So, today I got a chance to install the new wireless thermostats and receiver. The project took longer than I thought it was going to take, since apparently the Apple Oil guys that originally installed the zone control installed all the thermostat wires backwards.

I still need to time a nail so that I can get the cover on the receiver (long story). Also, all the thermostats need to be reprogrammed, but I'm pretty pleased to have heat upstairs again!
First, happy birthday to [ profile] alpha_duke, who will never see this since he doesn't read LJ.

So, the work on the bathroom continues. I'm basically still waiting for paint from yesterday to dry since the humidity is so dreadfully high. We picked up some more stuff from Lowe's; with any luck, it is the last. I have a few quick things to do, then hopefully the paint will be dry enough to let me pursue the major projects (reinstalling trim and installing the crown moulding).

Still, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. The bulk of the painting is done. What is left is pretty much touch-ups. It will be nice to have this project finished.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 11:45 am
So, the toilet is basically in. I cut my finger on the old cracked one: anyone who laughs at ceramic knives can kiss my butt. The break was sharp enough that it healed like a razor cut. But in any case, I got the old one out and the new one in. Well, it is 95% done... I need to run up to Lowe's and buy a new water supply line. The old one was icky and I ended up breaking it anyway.

Perhaps I will pick up more tiles while I'm there. I really think I should finish the flooring before I put the sink in, and I won't know if the water supply lines I got for the sink are the right length until I get the sink up. Ah well, it's not like I have a limited number of Lowe's tokens, it's just that I lose 45 minutes every time I get in the car to go there.

School last night was awesome. I love Property: my professor is a hoot. Criminal law is still boring the heck out of me, and every subject yesterday was something unpleasant.
It's been a while, so I will sum up.

Last week I was in Danbury every day for work. Customer was pretty easy to handle overall, but it was taking me an hour and a half to two hours back and forth due to the traffic on I-84. Toss in school in the evenings, and by Wednesday night I'd spent about 25 waking minutes with [ profile] kuzu_no_ha. Blech. That wrapped up on Friday, and my next customer isn't ready until 10/8.

Over the weekend, we finished hanging the drywall and started taping. Somewhere in there, we went to Lowe's twice, Home Depot once, and Walmart as well. Definitely busy, but there was yummy cake too. My lovely wife paid the bills, so we're done with that until next month. I did my reading last night for tonight's class. I still have reading left for the rest of the week.

The goal is to finish the bathroom completely this week. I think it's attainable, but it's going to mean staying on task.

Today, I hope to:

  • Finish the taping.
  • Install the corner doodad.
  • Install the sink.
  • Finish cleaning the adhesive and drywall dust off floor.

Other remaining tasks:

  • Sand all spackling.
  • Prime and seal.
  • Paint.
  • Caulk.
  • Tile floor.
  • Replace toilet.
  • Reinstall trim.

There is some tweaky stuff. The bolts for the ceiling fixture and the wall sconces are too long, I will either need to trim them (ugh) or replace them with shorter ones (ugh). The electrical box for the switches was mounted too far back in the wall. That's going to be a nightmare to fix. I'm ignoring it for now.

Still, all of the walls are covered now, and it's beginning to look like a finished space.
So, the tub-related plumbing is now done. I'm going to celebrate with a shower, and getting caught up on reading for school. I'm leak-testing the tub drain (I filled it with water and left it), but really I just need a break before I tack it to the studs and start installing the wall panels.

Since I have class tonight (and I missed last night), and there is fighter practice, I'm guess the finishing steps will be for tomorrow. Therefore, the todo list:

  • Tack in tub, glue base to furring strip.
  • Pre-wire electrical behind kitchen wall for future disposal installation.
  • Cut holes in wall panels for plumbing fixtures.
  • Install wall panels.
  • Install wiring for porch and outside fixtures.
  • Install wiring for new wall sconces.
  • Buy, measure, cut, and install sheetrock.
  • Buy and install new toilet.
  • Reinstall trim.
  • Paint.

The jury is still out on the floor, but it's looking okay so far. I retract my previous statements about drain piping. Yuck.


Sep. 6th, 2007 11:45 am
Well, after a fair bit of wiggling, nudging, squeaking, and an assisted leap from the corner of the bathroom to the (cracked) toilet rim, the tub is in. Right now, gravity is holding it in place.

I have a conference call for work at noon, and then I can run to Lowe's (again) for more drainpipe to run from the drain fitting to the u-bend on the main-line. That should be simple. The shitty part is that the overflow pipe is too short (by about 3/4"), so I'm going to have to extend that too. Unfortunately, that part is behind the tub, so reaching it is a major PITA.

Still, I'm very pleased to see forward progress. The new tub looks fantastic, even against the bare studs.
I have given up on sweating pipes. For the replacement tub/shower valve, I needed to make about eight joints. On the first try, it looks for all the world like 7 of them were good. The last one has proved recalcitrant beyond measure.

I took it off, and redid it. It was worse. I replaced the elbow, and then both number 7 and number 8 leaked. I did them again, and the whole thing blew off, soaking me and the bathroom. I tried again, this time just a trickle. I did it again, with new pipe (replacing number 6 joint), then gave up.

Right now I have a "shark-bite" fitting to the copper connected to CPVC with a thread adapter to the valve. This looks like an egregious hack. I really don't care. The glue is drying now. If it works, I will celebrate, take a shower, and cancel the plumber scheduled tomorrow.

If it doesn't work, I will cut the whole thing out, cap the ends, and wait for the plumber.

Overall, the bathroom project has been going well. I completely fail plumbing, however.
So... I got the old valve out without much trouble. Since then, I've been going in circles trying to clean the solder off the fittings to install the new valve. In the course of that, I destroyed one, so I had to run out and buy new ones.

I'm taking a little lunch break, and then back to plumbing land. Joy.
Today, I finished removing the last of the window trim, broke up the old tub, picked up materials at Lowe's, and started framing the new tub enclosure.

I have to say that man with hammer versus 350-pound tub was pretty rewarding. If you have an old cast iron tub, I highly recommend it. However, I won't be doing it for you: it's pretty vigorous exercise.

I have no talent for framing. You'd think that the mad set construction skillz would help, but then again, it would be easier if I was building a brand new wall rather that trying to retro-fit an existing wall to new specifications. This would be much easier if lumber in 1920 was the same size as lumber now. I'm going to have to custom cut bits to make spacers, and I'm a little scared to check out how of square and level everything is.

All of the demolition is done, except for stripping off the floor tiles, and I've even vacuumed the worst of the mess so that I can work in a relatively breathable space. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go back to fighting with the framing tomorrow and hopefully finish the plumbing. Once I get those two items off the list, I can put the tub in.

Although I'm not really looking forward to the sheetrock phase, as itself, it does signify major progress towards the end of the project. I have a half-dozen little electrical bits to do, but those are playtime compared to the rest of this.


Aug. 31st, 2007 10:17 am
Yesterday )

The greaves are looking more tempting every day.

This Morning )

Left to do: Assembled firewood rack, stack firewood, put gas in the car, finish my armor, read 100 pages of casebooks, and remodel the bathroom.

The switchover to Vonage is complete. The phone number switched yesterday (about 6 hours before the VOIP device arrived), but worked fine once installed. AT&T switched my DSL from the old line to the new one this AM, but now there is no dial tone on the new line. Since I don't need it right now, to heck with it.
The garage is gone. Many thanks to [ profile] jeep_squire for his hard work, and thanks to [ profile] alpha_duke for the monster jigsaw. I still have a little cleanup left, but we managed to get the last of the roof into the dumpster before the weather came. Pretty good timing there.
So, the 20-yard dumpster looks smaller in front of the garage than I'd like. Hmm.

So, I started loading it up. I threw all of the stuff out of the garage that is getting thrown out (which can be thrown in the dumpster). That leaves a little tiny bit of lumber that I'm keeping, which I guess I will move to the basement for now, and a metric shitload of firewood. I moved some more to the front porch to dry for the summer, but the rest really doesn't have any place else to go.

I got all of the glass out of the windows, and I believe that I got all the pieces of it off the ground. There's quite a bit of old stone, bricks and concrete left about, but I think that will go in best later. It's heavier than hell, and it can fill any spaces that turn up. I have a few loads of old lumber in the basement to bring up.

So, probably by about 10:00 AM tomorrow, I will be on to the big projects:

  • Rip down the garage. I'm pretty sure all of the garage will fit, but that is definitely the priority. I'm tired of looking at the listing, heaving structure.
  • Gut the downstairs bathroom. Everything is going except for the toilet. At least some portions of the subfloor need to be replaced, as well. There's a bunch of tile and sheetrock/plaster to go. The only thing I'm really worried about though is the tub. Hopefully, I can shoehorn it in.
  • Take down the chain link fence. This shouldn't be a big deal. The posts don't take that much room.
Anyone in the mood for hard-core destructifying is welcome to join in. I haven't really picked a strategy for bringing down the garage yet, but I'll work something out. The bathroom and fence are pretty straightforward.

...the shovel isn't working. Bring in the MEGA-MELTER!!!

Seriously, I just got done chipping the ice blocks off of the sidewalk. I shoveled the snow earlier today, and I will almost certainly have more of this icky stuff on my sidewalks tomorrow.

Don't even talk to me about the driveway. I've been cleaning off the bit immediately behind the Infiniti so that I can get a head start before it gets bogged down in the dreck the city has left in the public road. I've given up on the rest, and the neighbors have already gotten stuck once of my side, narrowly missing the Infiniti in their ignorant attempt to grind through the snow.

Gotta love it.



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