Our Glorious Leader wants to help reduce the difficulties in Mexico by banning guns here?


Seriously, is he working right off the Mein Kampf playbook, or what?
So, there's another popular governmental system beside communism and socialism where the government owns everything. All you need to create a new Fascist state is a charismatic leader (check), an established dogma (check), and a crisis to justify the sweeping changes to the established structures (check).

Hail Obama!

Amusingly, the first hit on Google for "Hitler acceptance speech" is this: http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/mostert/081106
Does it count as reaching out to Republicans, if what you are really doing is picking their pockets?
I think President Bush should demand the immediate resignation of Henry Paulson. Sure, we're in a crisis, which might not be the best time to be without a Secretary of the Treasury, but at the same time, he's clearly screwing up almost as bad as Michael Brown did at FEMA. And, it's only two months until the Obama regime seizes power anyway.
So, California, Florida and Arizona are full of fail for passing constitutional restrictions on gay marriage. When will people learn that limiting the rights of citizens is not really a "best practice" for writing constitutions. The whole idea of a constitution is to limit the government and keep it from jumping up and down on your individual rights. Now California, Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas (each offended at the company of the others, I'm sure) have reached an all-time Orwellian high-point, where some animals (straight people) are just more equal that others (gays and lesbians). Well done.

Oh, and NaNoWriMo advice for the day: a word counter doesn't check your spelling, grammar, college reading level, or style. Git 'R Done.


Nov. 5th, 2008 06:16 am
Well, it appears that congratulations are in order to President-Elect Obama. I think you'll be a terrible president, but I've been wrong before (George W. Bush). On the balance, I never thought McCain would do a great job either. At least the damn thing is over.

Should be fun. Now, off to NYC.
This isn't cool. I don't care if it's Klansman or Black Panthers, you don't stand out front of a polling place intimidating voters:



Oct. 30th, 2008 09:50 am
A few quite hits before I get back to work:

The government should get out of the business of regulating sex and marriage. Is this whole fight really about protecting the "M" word, or it is about the stigma of gay/lesbian sex or just about the tax savings that these people would enjoy if they can file joint federal tax returns?
Primaries vs. General Elections
Where is Obama's timetable to get out of Iraq? Wasn't that the litmus test for Democrat candidates during the primaries? Has everyone forgotten? I've forgotten whatever McCain promised, since as far as I can tell, it was "I'm not a Ultra-Right-Wingnut!"
Why do the liberals hate this woman so much? I wonder if, deep down, they just can't stand the idea that a women could look good, have kids, and work.
Apparently the Obama-Biden campaign is afraid of TV interviews with hard questions, so they are taking their ball and going home:

U.S. to take ownership interest in banks.

Well, it looks like the trendy Euro-socialist movement has finally penetrated the Bush administration.
Obama/Biden Campaign Squelching Inconvenient Political Speech.

Basically, this is double-talk by the Obama Campaign. The Kennedy Amendment would have re-defined "armor piercing" ammunition to include most commonly used hunting rounds. The same is true of the proposed expansions to the assault weapons bans. Sure, Obama isn't talking about an ammo tax now (clings to guns), but he certainly was before.

Nice to see that he's continuing his track record of protecting individual liberties.

Seriously, I can't believe they have stooped SO LOW as to threaten legal action against media outlets for political advertising. I think MoveOn.org would have reported it if the Republicans had sued them, so this looks to me like a brand-new tactic in the liberal playbook.


NY TIMES: "I think I can, I think I can..."

MY ASS: "Whole nation holding breath for Obama flunky!

WALL STREET JOURNAL: "Any minute now, I'm gonna tell!"

CNN: "I know a secret, but I'm not telling! Nah, nah, nah!"

Students at an Oregon High School are being forced to shave their eyebrows off due to a concern that they are making eyebrow marks as gang symbols:


Once again, we see personal liberty under attack for the benefit of so-called "school discipline." What kind of sense does this make? I can say that I'm in MS 13, everyone can know that I'm in MS 13, I can attend after school gang bangs with MS 13, but I can't shave my eyebrows to look like 1 and 3 in Roman Numerals? Does anyone really think that all of the window dressing in the public schools to keep of the appearance of safety and a happy violence free culture actually makes anyone safer?

Personally, I think this is just yet another step down the road to the complete national socialization of the public schools system: this is what you can wear, this is what you can say, this is how you can groom yourself, these are the surgeries you must have, this is what you must think... Long live the NEA! Heil Weaver?

I'm done trading liberty for security. The last thing I want to do is teach my kid to trade hers.

So, obviously no one cares what I think, sitting here in Connecticut, but...

Considering how much I truly loathe Nancy Pelosi, do I really want to see her replaced with Cindy Sheehan? I can't stand Cindy Sheehan, either. However, I think at the end of the day, it would be better to have Cindy Sheehan making everyone representative in Congress miserable rather than having Pelosi make every American's life miserable instead. If you're a Democrat, I don't see how you can look are her reign running the House as anything but a miserable failure. She hasn't accomplished anything that the Democrat voters claimed they wanted, as least as far as I can tell.

It's not that I think Sheehan would get anything done, either, but at least her mindless and shrill rantings would better reflect the opinions of the ostensible Democrat anti-war, anti-Bush base. Rather ironic, however, that she would end up in office no longer able to impeach Bush, though. Tsk tsk, too late.

Ah well... Back to business organizations. Gotta love demand-futility.
Chelsea had breakfast with a 21-year-old "super delegate" just recently:


But no, you can't use the word "pimped" without risking your career, at least if you're a journalist.
"But doesn't it seem like she's being--but doesn't it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

It's time to accept the fact that journalism is dead in this country, at least when you are talking about liberal politicians. Chelsea Clinton is no longer some shy 14-year-old trapped in the White House. She's 27 and working for a major NY hedge-fund. She's also coming out of the woodwork to campaign for her battle-axe of a mother, but refusing to answer any questions from the media whatsoever.

NBC has banned a person from their network for questioning the Clinton's right to have Chelsea campaign but avoid any real debate of the issues. I think there is a lot of truth to the metaphor that Hilary Clinton has told her daughter to go our there and sell it. Chelsea's not selling her body, but she's certainly not much more than meat, a pretty face, and window-dressing to the Clinton campaign.

Here is a copy of the email exchange between Phillippe Reines of the Clinton campaign, and David Schuster, who told it like it is.

Read more... )
Candidates Quiz )
Seriously, I would vote for Gumby, Mickey Mouse, or Christopher Dodd before I would vote for Hilary. It could get dicey though... Huckabee scares me a little, so a Clinton-Huckabee race doesn't make me very comfortable. I don't think that is a likely scenario, however, since she tanked.

I feel like a Democrat, though, in that I don't love any of "my" candidates, I hate the opposition more. I think it's a shame that pretty much every one of our candidates has some major flaw. I can't vote for Huckabee because of the creepy Nehemiah Scudder-style religious overtones, Romney did such a great job in MA (not!), etc... I think at this point I favor Ron Paul, but that's just because I haven't read enough about his yet. The reality is that he's probably unelectable because he's not mainstream-Republican enough.

Ah well. Off to work.
Boston police want to search homes of teenagers for guns:


Perhaps they could look for terror threats, such as light brites and stickers while they're at it.

Really though, what does it say that parents are going to let cops search their owns to implicate their children? What if the cops find the parent drug stash or illegal guns when they are investigating the children? I think this is a really bad idea. If you want your kid's stuff searched, do it yourself.
Sorry to keep spamming your friends page, but I thought this was an interesting story about how political staffers plant questions in the audience:


Pretty slick, especially if you think about the psychology of the situation.



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