So, I've moved from LJ to DW. I don't anticipate many public (or even friends-only) posts on here. I'm primarily going to use it for private journaling.
I'm closing up on LJ for good next month. Just an FYI, so folks won't be surprised.
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Also, please feel free to add your thoughts, comments, or other mockery in the comments.
This is my new favorite scam.



I am special agent Scot Ray; from the Intelligence Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). We just intercepted/confiscated two (2) Trunk Boxes at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta Georgia. We are on the verge of moving this consignment to the bureau headquarters. However, we scanned the said boxes and found out that it contained a total of USD4.7M and some back up documents which bears your name as the owner of the funds. Investigation carried out on the Diplomat who accompanied these boxes into the United States, revealed that he was to make the delivery of the funds to your residence as these funds are entitled to you, been Contract/Inheritance over due payments. The funds were from the office of the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Furthermore, after cross checking all the legal documents we found in the boxes backing you up as the beneficiary of the funds, it became known to us that one of the documents is missing. This document is very important and until we get the document, the boxes will be temporarily confiscated pending when you will provide it. The much needed document is the Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Delivery Certificate (DISDC). This document will protect you from going against the US Patriot Act Section 314a and Section 314b . This delivery will be tagged A Diplomatic Transit Payment (D.T.P) once you get the document.

You are therefore required to get back to me on this email ( 72 hours so that i will guide you on how to get the much needed document. Failure to comply to this directives may lead to the permanent confiscation of the funds and possible arrest. We may also get the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) involved if do not follow our instructions. You are also advised not to get in contact with any Bank in Africa, Europe or any other institution, as your funds are here now in the United States of America.


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This communication and its attachments may contain non-public, confidential or legally privileged information. The unlawful interception, use or disclosure of such information is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, or have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply email and delete all copies of this communication and attachments without reading or saving them.

Gluten Free Homebrew
Gluten Free Homebrew
Bottled 6/11/2011 Fermented ~4 weeks. Made using 6lbs Sorghum Syrup and 2oz Cascade hop pellets. It's quite hoppy, but overall pretty awesome. I primed with 2/3 C table sugar. We should know how that turns out in a couple weeks.

Starting gravity: 1.028, final gravity: 1.008, approximate ABV 2.6%. Next time, use more syrup.

I ran out of bottles, so I drank the remaining bit flat.

Many props to Northern Brewer. I got their "Better Basic" starter kit (with glass carbouy). The price was excellent, and I can't believe how much fancy stuff you get. The first time I did this (over ten years ago, I think), bottle brushes, bottling wands, and buckets with taps were like semi-pro. This was SO much easier. Even the included DVD with step-by-step brewing instructions was awesome.

  • 13:15:40: @baital Does the recruiting sign say "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others?"
  • 13:18:52: @baital @TSAgov Perhaps "free massage and x-ray glasses!"

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  • 10:41:42: @zahtie Insurance companies are happy to provide you with coverage. Except for your uterus, of course. #really?
  • 20:35:37: Probably eventually, I will get hungry enough to take a contract government job in NYC. But right now, I'm just not that desperate. #toofar
  • 20:36:41: Oh, and if my Monster profile says "Not willing to relocate" that probably means calls about jobs in WI, GA and NJ are a waste of your time.
  • 20:38:25: Sounded like a good job though, for someone more local. Good luck.

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  • 20:59:29: The Diva has now consumed four (4) shots of Patron. The singing is pretty, loud and slightly slurred. #butWhatIsToCome? #probablyMoreTequila
  • 21:07:56: @BaronessMartha she's positioned the piano bench to break her fall. #floorIsProbablySaferReally
  • 21:58:00: @BaronessMartha @zahtie "mean" husband was doing a Rawling-style sobriety check.
  • 22:05:46: @BaronessMartha @zahtie right up to the limit! #calcjokes

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  • 17:25:33: So, how does that FUNemployment thing work again? Mostly, all I seem able to do is stress about my bills. #noFunInUnemploymentAtLeastForMe
  • 18:04:21: Let me get this right... I'm going to earn too much on unemployment to qualify for food stamps? Yay? #socialProgramsForTheWin
  • 22:50:33: @baital @derschmied The West Haven, CT Stop&Shop stocks Scrapple. I was appalled. #timeToMove

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  • 09:12:27: RT @matalanomartin: May the Fifth be with you. I prefer bourbon or rye, but to each their own.
  • 10:15:03: Updated my resume on Monster yesterday, so now I'm getting tons of phone calls from recruiters. Would be more excited if they weren't in NJ.
  • 10:24:58: @zahtie Because they are naughty instead? Really, I just think a lot of greater-NY recruiting companies are based in NJ. #IGuessWeWillSee
  • 13:49:42: @pcarp You can always take them to the bank on the check. You could also open a bank account.
  • 13:54:58: @pcarp Yeah, I can see how you have a problem with the Ohio check. BoA wants to charge you to pay an instrument drafted on them? Crazy.

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  • 14:53:00: RT @StoneyboBoney: Rewatching LotR. "Welcome to Rivendale...Mr. Anderson." I think that every single time. #Icantbealoneonthatone

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  • 13:58:26: @billmaher @StoneyboBoney while not a Trump fan, who better to tell that the US is heading for bankruptcy than one who's done it 3 times?
  • 14:30:36: @StoneyboBoney nevertheless a lot of people still have their head in the sand #outOfMoney #justPrintMore #entitlementRecipientsAreEntitled
  • 14:32:10: @StoneyboBoney I guess that was probably rhetoric. No one likes the solutions: reduce or eliminate entitlements. #amIright?
  • 14:33:15: RT @zahtie: This amuses me.

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  • 09:57:26: RT @StoneyboBoney: SETI is shutting down due to funding? THAT'S WHAT THE ALIENS WANT. #thatshowtheygetyou #getaglas ...
  • 10:04:09: @BBCWorld So why did he sit on it for three years? Journalism folks, it's a dying art.
  • 13:27:17: Analysis Services is taunting me again. Do I tweak the underlying database, or learn the secret incantation? #damnedIfIDoDamnedIfIDo

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  • 21:26:49: RT @StoneyboBoney: If hell exists, it has a merry go round with screaming children who need to pee but can't because there are no bathro ...
  • 21:27:43: RT @zahtie: At Nanajinn's eating Assyrian food. So very happy.

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  • 16:11:38: RT @zahtie: Sarah Jane Smith, you will always be the best. You brought feminism to the TARDIS, I will always love you for it #drmakeyour ...

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  • 09:04:55: @baital How can you be getting on this bus? You just got on this bus! #fraudDetectionIsNotThatBright
  • 09:08:46: @baital Well, the #mbtafail digital systems are something of a legend in computer security. Not a field where success --> popularity, either
  • 09:19:11: @baital Let's just say that the problems had more to do with how easy it was to cheat the system, and that the #mbta didn't react very well.
  • 20:46:05: @zahtie Well, the laundry is basically done. There's one load of clothes left in the dryer, and it's bedding and kitchen towels behind that.
  • 20:47:45: @zahtie Very true about the packing though #leSigh #worstPartOfTravel #exceptAirlines #waitMaybeSecurity #oopsTheyProfileForThatNow #loveTSA
  • 20:48:48: @zahtie well, at least this time #shoutingIsBadForTheVoice #soTheySay

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  • 12:19:56: @kesgardner Term limits don't fix the problem: voters that vote for people by habit rather than by reason.
  • 14:41:07: @kesgardner @agstatesense Something we haven't seen in quite a while: real leadership. That was Reagan's real strength.
  • 18:01:10: @tashabear Did you buy motorcycle boots recently? Which ones? I'm (browser-)window shopping for motorcycle safety gear.
  • 19:59:55: @tashabear I would guess XXL. B&w sounds great to me.
  • 20:08:01: @tashabear ah. I wore a pair of Ariat paddock boots until they exploded. I miss them still.

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  • 08:02:32: Heard about this on NPR. Should be interesting:
  • 11:09:15: I can't imagine an industry LESS deserving of a bailout than the banks. At least GM produces something tangible.
  • 11:09:59: Bankers would like to think of themselves as engines of economy: their lending creates opportunity for business.
  • 11:10:55: To consumers and many industries, bankers are parasites that consume value from their accounts and increase their cost of doing business.
  • 11:11:32: Banks: engines or parasites? #youDecide

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