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So, for better or worse, Civil Procedure is over with. There were seven questions (which we knew ahead of time), and I think I did well on some and poorly on others. Hopefully it will all even out in the end. Once again I find myself thinking: well, as long as I pass...

The Contracts exam is on Wednesday, and I really think it will be easier. Contracts is more slippery (there aren't as many rules), and we didn't cover nearly as much material. Also, the exam isn't open book, so I don't feel pressured to spend as much time indexing the book and all of that. I'm going to try and stay focused until then, and then I can start getting back to real life again.

If we're going to go to Panteria, we're going to need a bed, and right now there is just a pile of lumber and hardware in the basement. I'm not real sure when that project is going to get worked on either. After the Contracts exam I have work (in Danbury) on Thursday, a company meeting in Blue Bell, PA on Friday, Ice's thing on Saturday, and we're away the next weekend too. Oh, and the week of the 14th of May, I have to work in Danbury all five days. At least the drive isn't as bad on CT-34.

It's weird. I've spent the last three months thinking, "as soon as school is done, I'll have time." Now school is winding up, and the rest of May looks much the same. Frak.

Best of luck on all levels!

Date: 2007-05-04 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] master-mr.livejournal.com
I hear you on the "time" issue. I thought in this break I'd have plenty of time to do things. I did a few things for me (Hamden practice and such) but got virtually no accomplishments in; spend virtually the entire (3 of 4) weeks doing tutoring for school at one point or another; and a bunch of massages - which is all to the good. And I did get a job - so it's not like I have been slacking. But this was supposed to be downtime.

The only thing I can assume was that I was having fun because the tmie flew by. Next stop is Pennsic...




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